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Product of affirmitive-action shouldn't shock anybody with her ignorance

Mar 31, 2012
The liberal Supreme Court justices have demonstrated profound and shocking ignorance of the American health care system.

If there was FCC justice, all networks would be denied renewal of licenses

Mar 31, 2012

What do you call it when the media invents things?  That's not reporting folks.

Maybe NBC is trying to incite a race riot.  Or maybe it's just pure slander.  Incidentally there's no defense available to a news organization (or any journalist) when they intentionally do something like this.  Zimmerman ought to consider suing their ass to somewhere beyond the orbit of Mars.

More to the point, however, this sort of invention of a conversation that never happened by splicing together two pieces of tape means that nothing the media is telling you can be accepted as true without independent proof irrespective of which side of the debate the alleged "report" is on.

While we're at it I have some more questions, but I'll keep it to just two for right now.  Both would help understand what actually happened that night, and neither, to my knowledge, has been investigated and reported upon. 

Let's ask "why not?"

First, ABC reported that Trayvon's body was kept in the morgue as a "John Doe" for three days.  However, Martin's father called the Sanford police department the morning after the shooting when he noted his son was not home, and they came out and made the identification.  Where did that discrepancy come from and was ABC trying to intentionally smear the Sanford police department?  There is an adjunct question to this -- we know Trayvon had a cellphone with him because he was allegedly talking with his girlfriend.  Were there numbers with the tags "Mom" and "Dad" in it?  Wouldn't you have expected the police to look over what was inventoried, assuming that Trayvon wasn't carrying ID and call any obvious contact number such as one tagged "Mom" or "Dad"?  Now maybe the cellphone had a passcode on it or something similar, but there's an obvious open question on the delay in identification and contact with the parents, and it deserves an answer.

Second, Trayvon Martin was allegedly out at night, on foot and in a rainstorm getting iced tea and skittles. Ok, here's the address where the altercation took place from the police report:MORE

Logical procedures concocted by astute and learned men

Mar 31, 2012

Now, American passport holders might not yet be aware that the United States is today the only country with the dubious distinction of requiring all passengers — even those in transit — to run the gruesome gauntlet of customs lines, security checks and generally demeaning immigration interrogation sessions usually reserved for those aspiring to enter the so-labeled “Homeland” land, not simply pass through it. There is no such thing as “transit” in the U.S.A. anymore. It’s a “post-9/11” thing, we’re told. If you’re on US soil, you are required to pass through backscatter radiation baths and/or (VERY!) intimate pat downs along with the rest of the largely questionless herd.

Read more: Love in a TSA Line

A moron's admiration of an idiot

Mar 31, 2012

Vice President Biden today offered up more evidence that the White House has relocated to dream world and taken up residence for the remainder of the year, stating that President Obama has faced down worse problems than any president in the 20th century, including Franklin Roosevelt.

Never mind that Roosevelt was confronted with the Depression and fought simultaneous total wars in Asia and Euyrope, while Obama is merely managing our retreat from Afghanistan after having completed it in Iraq.  And things are bad, but we haven’t had bread lines yet.

The Cuban Missile Crisis and the 9/11 attacks were for sissies, it seems.MORE

" Return to savagery", brought to you by 45 years of the welfare solution

Mar 30, 2012
Former Black Panther Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) made quite a fuss when he donned a "hoodie" during a speech in the U.S. House of Representatives until he was escorted out. At the time, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) "applauded his courage" for doing so. 

Meanwhile, back home in Rush's district, two men wearing hooded sweatshirts, or "hoodies," were the shooters in an incident that left one dead and five injured. 

In fact, during a span of six-hours Thursday night, 13 people were shot, leaving two dead in Chicago. It would seem it takes more courage to simply walk down the street in Rush's district than it does to wear a hooded sweatshirt in the House of Representatives by way of a stunt in a bizarre tribute to a young man shot and killed in Florida during a shooting incident still under investigation.  MORE

Finally ! our government is achieving a first ! Watch all the job creation stampede start now

Mar 30, 2012
Come Sunday, America finally has something to crow about in its economic war with China and Japan: It will have the highest jobs-killing corporate tax rate in the industrialized world.
No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. When Japan officially slashes its rate to 36.8 percent Sunday, America’s will be tops at 39.2 percent.
President Obama has proposed a rate of 28 percent, but Republicans charge that it comes with $350 billion in new, off-setting taxes. The GOP is pushing for a cut to 25 percent, but the election year is getting in the way of any deal.
The Business Roundtable has been pushing for a clean cut in corporate tax rates, claiming it would spur job growth and industrial reinvestment. They even
cite a recent move by England to cut their tax rates from 28 percent to 22 percent, which officials called “an advertisement for investment and jobs in Britain.”MORE

Learning to ignore the 98%; or we , the media and progressives will tell you what's what

Mar 30, 2012
Listening to the heated rhetoric coming from demonstrations around the country, from the Black Caucus and TV talkers -- about how America is a terrifying place for young black males to grow up in because of the constant danger from white vigilantes -- one wonders what country of the mind these people are living in.
The real America is a country where the black crime rate is seven times as high as the white rate. It is a country where white criminals choose black victims in 3 percent of their crimes, but black criminals choose white victims in 45 percent of their crimes.
Black journalists point to the racism manifest even in progressive cities, where cabs deliberately pass them by to pick up white folks down the block.
That this happens is undeniable. But, again, what is behind it?
As Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute has written, from January to June 2008 in New York City, 83 percent of all identified gun assailants were black and 15 percent were Hispanics.MORE

Jon Corzine – A Real MFer

Mar 30, 2012

Let’s cut to the chase. Jon Corzine is a punk ass Bankster who deserves life in prison for his crimes against the Republic. In all actuality he probably deserves the electric chair, but I guess I’ll settle for life in the pen.

This is not a statement of a radical fanatic, nor is it a gimmick to ‘spice up’ the introduction of this article. It’s just a true observation based upon the facts available at the time of this writing.

Chief Justice Says States Have Compromised Their Sovereignty

Mar 30, 2012
Chief Justice John Roberts said Wednesday what has long been known but seldom spoken. During the third and final day of Supreme Court hearings on whether the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is unconstitutional, Roberts said  states have been compromising their sovereignty for decades through increased reliance on the federal government for money and accompanying directions on the governance of state affairs.

Not so smooth operator

Mar 30, 2012
Something's happening to President Obama's relationship with those who are inclined not to like his policies. They are now inclined not to like him. His supporters would say, "Nothing new there," but actually I think there is. I'm referring to the broad, stable, nonradical, non-birther right. Among them the level of dislike for the president has ratcheted up sharply the past few months.

A foreign dignitary can ask the question; why is our media mute ?

Mar 29, 2012

On Dennis Miller’s radio show Thursday Lord Christopher Monckton, a former policy adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and an activist against global warming “alarmism,” went all-in on questioning President Barack Obama’s citizenship.

Monckton, the 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, hinted about his position on the issue in April 2010 at a tea party rally on the National Mall near the White House. But on Miller’s show, he said the birth certificate issue was far more important that combatting so-called anthropogenic global warming.

“I mean, hey you got a president who has a false birth certificate on the Internet, on the White House website,” Monckton said. “It’s not even clear where he was born. You’ve got a national debt which is rising into the stratosphere. You’ve got unemployment certainly here in California at 11 percent, 50 percent in the construction industry. These are real problems.

Read more:

Nice country this is turning out to be; or maybe it's not

Mar 29, 2012
This image is the photograph the late Trayvon Martin used to represent his Twitter identity in late 2011, under the screen name "T33ZY_TAUGHT_M3." Although the Twitter account was deleted, The Daily Caller retrieved it from the social analytics website PeopleBrowsr. The upper-arm tattoo in the image matches one in a close-up photograph on Martin's MySpace page. (Image: Twitter)

Additional searches via the same website yielded the Twitter handle “T33ZY TAUGHT M3,” whose activity spanned just one month and ended shortly before Martin began tweeting as “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA.” His Twitter activity under that newer screen name began with the tweet: “NEW NAME, NEW BACKGROUND, NEW TWEETCON, I MAKE CHANGS B4 NEW YEARS!”

Read more:


Why fight about health care? If you want it, move to Massachusets

Mar 29, 2012

The Supreme Court’s five conservative justices on Tuesday sharply challenged the Obama administration’s arguments for the health-care law, with Justice Anthony Kennedy saying the government has a “very heavy burden of justification” for the law’s requirement that people carry health insurance or pay a penalty.

The conservative justices fired a barrage of questions at the government’s lawyer, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, asking him to explain why the Constitution authorizes Congress to enact the insurance mandate.

If people understood this, there would be a revolution instantly.

Mar 29, 2012

The conventional wisdom that nearly infinite demand exists for U.S. Treasury debt is flawed and especially dangerous at a time of record U.S. sovereign debt issuance.

The recently released Federal Reserve Flow of Funds report for all of 2011 reveals that Federal Reserve purchases of Treasury debt mask reduced demand for U.S. sovereign obligations. Last year the Fed purchased a stunning 61% of the total net Treasury issuance, up from negligible amounts prior to the 2008 financial crisis. This not only creates the false appearance of limitless demand for U.S. debt but also blunts any sense of urgency to reduce supersized budget deficits.MORE

Everything is great. Keep repeating it enough and maybe they'll believe it if there's enough idiots

Mar 29, 2012

While the United States remains mired in the deepest slump since the Great Depression, President Barack Obama is touting a modest improvement in employment over the past several months to boost his electoral prospects in November.

The three-month period from December through February has, according to the Labor Department, seen a net gain of 744,000 jobs, the largest for any three-month stretch since 2006. The official jobless rate has fallen from 9.1 percent in September to 8.3 percent in February.

It is necessary to place these gains within the context of the catastrophic collapse in employment that followed the Wall Street crash of 2008, which has left the US economy with 5 million fewer jobs than at the official start of the recession in December 2007. At the height of the crash, US businesses were cutting more than 744,000 jobs every month.

While the US economy added 335,000 net new manufacturing jobs in 2010 and 2011 combined, it lost 1.6 million manufacturing jobs between January 2008 and March 2009, a reduction of 10 percent. The current level of 12 million manufacturing jobs is down 7.5 million from its peak in 1979.MORE

'Post-Racial' Lynch Mob

Mar 29, 2012
Even after the Duke lacrosse case, Texaco executives allegedly using the N-word in private meetings -- which turned out to be "St. Nicholas" -- the Tawana Brawley case, not to mention virtual hailstorms of racist graffiti and nooses materializing on college campuses, all of which invariably end up having been put there by the alleged victims, the Non-Fox Media (NFM) didn't even pause before conjuring a racist plot in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida last month.

This bum is nothing more than the black version of a KKK wizard

Mar 29, 2012
March 28, 2012 10:59am 1559 Comments
byJoel Gehrke Commentary Staff Writer
 Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., lost his right to speak on the House floor after he violated rules by putting on a hoodie and sunglasses in honor of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen shot last month.


4,000 non-producing nitwits sought

Mar 29, 2012
The Internal Revenue Service wants to add about 4,000 agents to hunt down tax cheats and still plans to spend $303 million building a system to oversee Obamacare even though its future looks bleak in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Understanding Saul, understanding Barack and Hillary. All spoiled brats

Mar 28, 2012

Forty years after his death, Saul Alinsky — the father of the community-organizing model that inspired both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — is more politically relevant than ever. 

Leading conservatives attempt to tie the Obama administration to Alinsky’s radicalism, with Newt Gingrich declaring that Obama draws his “understanding of America” from “Saul Alinsky, radical left-wingers, and people who don’t like the classical America.” For their part, liberals have scrambled to minimize Obama’s affinity for Alinsky and to sand over Alinsky’s sharp edges. A blogger at Britain’s Guardian newspaper claims that Alinsky was merely “what passes for a left-wing radical in American politics, agitating for better living conditions for the poor.” (Liberals have also largely ignored the fact that the subtitle of Hillary Clinton’s honors thesis at Wellesley was “An Analysis of the Alinsky Model.”)MORE

They can claim TSA status and claim they were after terrorists

Mar 28, 2012

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Think twice before you check your luggage at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Cash, jewelry, electronics and other valuables are being stolen from passengers’ baggage at a staggering rate. It’s happening as a result of inside jobs that aren’t being stopped, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reports exclusively. All Rita Lamberg has left is an empty jewelry drawer and pictures of the $160,000 worth of watches, rings and necklaces that were stolen from her baggage at JFK Airport MORE

EMTALA--the reason we have a health crisis. Brought to you by Clinton

Mar 28, 2012

Remember one thing folks -- it is the government itself that mandates cost-shifting.

Prior to EMTALA in the 1980s there was no such mandated cost-shifting.  If you could not afford either insurance or cash payment for treatment, even emergency treatment, you were not entitled to it.  You could access charity care if you could find it, but nobody was forced to provide you care against their will -- or shift the cost to someone else.

The Government created the very situation they now cite as the justification for this law.

Indeed, listening to the argument today and reading back through the transcript this afternoon, that was the focus of the entire argument.

And it's one the government should lose just as you should lose if you spread gasoline all over your floor on purpose and then walk into the room with a cigarette, a fire results, and you claim that you need "protection" from the impact of your own intentional acts by stealing funds from others.MORE

We'll show them how we can riot and steal unless we get our way

Mar 27, 2012

North Miami Beach police said surveillance video shows dozens of high school students demonstrating in the Trayvon Martin case Friday ransacking a Walgreens store.

The incident occurred during a walkout from North Miami Beach Senior High School in support of Martin, 17, who was fatally shot in Sanford. Protesters have been calling for the arrest of George Zimmerman, 28, who has not been charged because he claimed self-defense in the shooting, according to police. MORE

An illegal drunk, can't drive for 45 days. Is this a great country or what?

Mar 27, 2012

Onyango Obama — the president’s illegal alien half uncle — admitted to sufficient facts today in his drunken driving bust and his case is being continued without a finding for one year — but he must surrender his license.

Obama, 67, was ordered to give up his license for 45 days, effective today, a Framingham District Court judge ruled. He left court without speaking to the press.

Obama had been waging an aggressive legal battle against Framingham cops ever since he was pulled over Aug. 24 for driving erratically and blowing 0.14 on a Breathalyzer. But his attorney today said it was time to move on.MORE

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